As REALTORS®, we have dedicated our lives to assisting thousands of Rhode Island families in obtaining the ultimate American dream of home ownership. For some families that dream is not easily obtainable. Through The REALTOR® Foundation: Rhode Island we are hoping to provide assistance to families that  need help with rent, home repair and other housing related needs. However, our commitment to giving back goes well beyond housing related initiatives. Through various financial programs, scholarships, and community activities, it is our hope to enhance the quality of life within our communities by organizing volunteers and raising funds for local charitable organizations and/or individuals in need.


Our goal at The REALTOR® Foundation: Rhode Island is to organize volunteers and raise money for both housing and non-housing related grants and charities, as well as individuals in need. We are always looking for as many hands as possible to accomplish our goals. If you want to learn more about how you can help or if you would like to volunteer your time assisting us for any of our upcoming events, please let us know.

Rhode Island disburses quarterly grants

The Realtor Foundation: Rhode Island disburses quarterly grants each year to assist individuals or entities that have been affected by a personal or natural disaster. Applications for the next grant cycle are due November 15, 2020.  


Realtor Foundation: RI announces recipients of quarterly grant

The latest recipients of funding from the REALTOR® Foundation: Rhode Island are Sojourner House and Neighbors Helping Neighbors RI. The Foundation disburses grants each quarter to non-profit entities, which, like the Foundation, help to build stronger Rhode Island communities.

Since its inception, the Foundation has provided more than $100,000 to dozens of organizations across Rhode Island. If you know of a non-profit organization that could use our help, please share this link. More...